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Here Is How It Works

If You're considering rent to own, you might want to consider the pitfalls. You're probably aware that a rent to own is setup in a manner where almost all tenants that get involved stand to lose their entire savings if they can't or don't want to 

purchase the home they've been living in.

Think about it, there are a million reasons why you may not want to purchase the home you've signed in on a rent to own. Most rent to own properties require an investment of $10,000 to $20,000. Can you afford to lose that?

What if you've discovered that the house is too big or too small? Maybe the neighbors are driving you crazy? Maybe there is a job transfer you want to take? Remember IN A RENT TO OWN IF YOU DON'T COMPLETE THE SALE... YOU LOSE YOUR SAVINGS. YUP! $10,000 TO $20,000 DOWN THE DRAIN!!

Our Custom Purchase Option provides the solution. Our fees are $5250.00 including GST. With a custom Purchase Option your money is saved in an account that ONLY YOU control. It's safe, and always available to only you. Our program does three things;

Help you safely save for a mortgage

Provides a long term lease on a home while you save

Provides a First Class Credit Repair program

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